About Yourself ?

This is probably my most dreaded sentence or a task to hear – to write or tell something about yourself. Time and again I have faced this task; be it creating a new social account or introduction to a new team in my office etc.

How do I write about myself? Not that I am unaware of myself or can’t describe myself but I don’t know what all to write and what not. I did the mistake of researching on Google. Short lived as it was, not only did it give me a headache but also it only made me realize more that this is not something to sell; so obviously can’t be written with the thought of someone liking it or not.

Thankfully, I had coffee with me and when the research weighed me down heavily, I switched to one of the books I am currently reading, got lost in it and escaped from this world. This is why I love books 📚 and coffee. They always give me fresh perspective and ideas; but more on this later.


By the time I put down the book I already knew what to do. I was pondering so much on what to write in “About Yourself”, that it didn’t occur to me I can start with this as my first blog of the n no. of thoughts currently running in my mind and so I did. I can’t promise it to be amazing or interesting but I would be honest.

How do I write about myself?
I am a bit of a critic. The first thought that I get hearing this is, ‘bragging’. Because there can’t be anyone who would say bad about themselves. And so obviously I will be describing only the good side of me, if there is any at all. This leaves me with the obvious conclusion that telling about myself is a job for those who love bragging about themselves and I am definitely not one of them. Forget about bragging about myself, if there is one thing in this world which I absolutely hate, that would be bragging itself!

Shouldn’t it be the job of others – family, friends, colleagues and people who know me or interacted with me, even if for a very brief time or worked with? But how do I say about myself?

Then comes the second challenge. I am a ‘Scattered Mind’ and I think too much. One moment I am this and the next I am not. Random dreams, random thoughts; there is nothing constant in me. Being such a character as I am, if I actually start about myself, I would have absolutely no clue how to stop. What to write and what not? What would actually describe me and what won’t?

When it’s easier to just put down a sentence, likes or dislikes, on sites like Facebook or Twitter (though I am very rare on these), where it doesn’t always matter as people usually search with relevant hashtags and are more interested in the feed, it now became a very tedious task for me as I created my blog site – a lot of weight has to be associated with it, it has to be interesting and crisp and the list increases if by chance you happen to google as to how “About Yourself” should be and sound like.

I am many versions but a normal person of my age. Of my age did I say? And what would that be? I am probably the only person who has to count her age every time asked for. Also, normal as I define is completely abnormal as defined by the rest of the world. I don’t know how to put my version of the normal me in the “About Yourself” section and still be not banned as a crazy person.

To be honest, I am in search of an alternate era and reality. As much as I love my family, friends and everyone in my life but given a chance I will create a new and many scripts for my life with each one having the same relation with me but may be in a different time, era, country or even planet ! Does this qualify to be in the about yourself section?

I will elaborate a bit more so as to stop you taking me as a crazy person. My behavior could be because I am claustrophobic. Not only closed spaces but also the thought of “only possibility” or “one version” of anything suffocates me. I need to get taste of every possibility, every story, every side. If only I could be a bird, flying over the world and peep into everything and everywhere. This doesn’t sound so crazy when I put it like that, does it?

I have this habit of analyzing each and everything and am always curious. As I have my share of knowing the present it’s mostly boring for me; and for the future no one has a clue about it. With these two out of the picture, I rest my lifetime of curiosity to the past and the gone era. Full of stories of what was what and what all happened and I don’t yet know who I was then and what role I played.

Do you think I am sane enough to write in about myself?

If you ask me, the definition of sanity is also a matter of many perspectives. I still think I am completely normal.
But it’s sanely not possible for me to shrink myself to fit into “About Yourself”.
This thought of shrinking to fit into a definition is what drives me into all the things I do and believe and what I am.

I don’t know what impression of me you might have developed from reading this but if you have interacted with me even for a single day, you would know I am being honest.

P.S. :I still dared to put a few words in the About Yourself section. Feel free to fly over it …

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