The Kurukshetra of 2019

11th April 2019, the stage is set and it has started. Today is the 1st day of Lok Sabha polls of India. With everything that has happened since 2014 and the way the chapters of the past from 1947 till date have unfolded, this stage doesn’t look to me any different than the battle field of Mahabharata.

Kurukshetra was the final & inevitable war which decided the course of Bharata vansha and put an end to an era of treachery & injustice. This is exactly where we are standing now. The era might be different and so are the actors but the fight is the same. This election would show the world what fate we Indians would chose for our country.

Congress, the Kauravas: Yes they resemble Kauravas in so many ways other than their valor. Both started with noble roots but like Kauravas, it is the importance to the family and dynasty which have led them to grow & deviate to the vile way in all possible manner.

We did think we got our independence from the British but it took us more than 70 years to realize that the power was just transferred to a family. When European counties were struggling to come out of WW2 mode, we had got independence. But the dynasty policy & the immense greed for the throne kept them rule the country with divide & policy on religion, spread an elaborate net of corruption and push the country to darkness and rob it of its glory and intelligence . Since then there is not a single thing which Nehruvian policy did for which India is not paying heavily till now. The intention of ruling the country got so embedded in the DNA of the dynasty that it even went to the extremity of imposing emergency in the country to retain power. The fake promises & the continuous looting of the country’s money has constantly made poor poorer and rich richer.

Like the ‘Game of Dice’ the entire nation was played with during 21st century with corruption.

Narendra Modi, Arjuna of the Pandavas: Yes again, like Pandavas the BJP shares the same origin with Congress. But because a few people had indomitable love & respect for the nation, they separated & BJP was born. Since then there was no turning back. Of course, it is also not 100% pure. And if you know, Kurukshetra was also not won on all pious and righteous grounds. Much like Arjuna, the entire BJP is fighting and winning with the sole leadership of Narendra Modi.

In Modi’s India, there are no Hindus or Muslims; there are Indians. Thoroughly educated & inspired from Indian values & philosophers, his only Holy book is the constitution of India; the only dharma is India first. Since the start of his career the one thing which hasn’t changed is his tone towards terrorism and his unfailing patriotism. His continuous relentless & honest work for the country coupled with his strong orator skills have only made BJP’s position in the country honest, stronger and tougher.

In the last 5 years for the first time, India got a face in the international world. Our economy climbed up from 11th to 3rd, we climbed up the ladder as a Global manufacturer, the poor of the country got everything to enable them and didn’t thrive on free money of the Govt., made landmark achievements in science & technology and we didn’t have any scam. And most importantly no one in the entire world now challenge our national security which has always been our weak point in the past. For the first time in decades, India looks and talks to the world eye to eye. Even the poor of the country feels respect for themselves and don’t feel left behind. The separatist leaders of the country have been cornered.

Arjuna, the chief warrior of the Pandavas…

Kaurava Army: It was bigger then and it is massive now. It has combined all the dark forces with it to defeat Narendra Modi. All the thieves & looters of India came together to join the Congress’ dynastical army. The supposed-to-be independent media sold itself to take sides with the Kaurava army.

People of the country who never knew democracy suddenly have come out of hiding and fighting for democracy. The looters of the country have started caring for its economy. With no scam being found, the entire opposition has been rendered helpless, restless & desperate! They have gone to extreme and lowest possible lengths to demean a sacred festival like election. At this moment, Modi ji has the entire world’s respect but for a fraction of our own people.

Pandavas were at least 5 but in this battle it’s only Narendra Modi vs. all thieves.

Entire Bharat takes sides: If you know the epic, you would know that there was not a single kingdom which was not a part of Kurukshetra. And history has a habit of repeating itself. With Narendra Modi being the 3rd most famous & popular global leader, the general public has already taken open sides on social media for & anti-Modi. Bollywood, the most silent of the communities which hardly utters a word for the country also takes sides. Name a sector of the country and it has already taken part in the battle either, to support or not support, but to spread what they believe in.

The Verdict, Uttarayan: It was the 18th day then but would be the 8th day and 23rd May here. The mandate of 2014 was historic, yes, but 2019 would decide the entire future of the country. In 2014, Modi was the necessity of India but now, the country needs Narendra Modi. His decisions were massive and unapologetic because medicines, be it as bitter, were needed. His indomitable work & policies have shown us a new world. His vigor & energy are infectious and the whole country has bathed in it. He is a man with a long sighted vision. Be it his knowledge, his honesty, his passion to work, none of the opposition stands in front of him.

But we are the largest democracy in this world, so there is always a choice.

Where there is light, there will always be a shadow. The luring of the dark continues. Anti national forces which were a constant threat to the country’s sovereignty is just bidding on time for the results. It lies only in the hands of the people to chose. As the whole world stands watching us, it only rests with us to stop thinking for ourselves with nearsightedness and vote for the country with a farsighted vision.


2 thoughts on “The Kurukshetra of 2019

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  1. That’s a wonderful analogy. I know I had been late in writing a view or counter-view about this, but I am curious if you would like to name a few characters and assign it to our politicians. The most coveted character would unarguably be that of Karna for the Congress side.
    Although I have my reservation on the Namo’s government, I can definitely say that it is better than the INC.
    Nevertheless, Namo is in power and doing taking some daring decisions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Many thanks Sravan.

      That is my take too.

      As I said, even Kurukshetra was not fought obeying all righteous principles of war as per our Shastras. Both the Pandavas and Kauravas violated those.

      And similar in Politics – there can be honest intentions and ground but the fight is not always fare and square ! If it was, it would be sports and not politics anymore !

      Let me think and I will definitely come up with other character assignments.


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