Nanna Bengaluru

It’s been more than a year but we are yet to become friends.

You came to my life so suddenly that my acceptance for you still seems to be at quite a length. There are so many things great about you and yet I find myself swimming in emptiness.

You are vast and endless. I haven’t been able to but only hope to see you better. But you have laid roadblocks on my way everywhere.
Sometimes I get lost in you, but you show me my way back to the little corner I call home – tired I retire but hopeful for a better day.

Why are you always so busy and loud? You run away from my hands like sand.
Why do you like to make me feel as if I am running out of time?
I am still chasing you in my run to catch up with you for your friendship. Why can’t we stop a little, for like a coffee or two?

At times you are too much to take in. And when it gets difficult to breathe, you send in your gushing winds to me; smiling silently, only to say that there is still something in you for me. I try breathing it all in and floating in it. But then you leave me barren.

Sometimes you cry for me and shower on me your kindness. Even then, when you are drowned in your tears, the rains still fail to fill up the void I feel.

You change colors every day; you are beautiful in your own way. Why don’t you give me some time to chat with you and appreciate your beauty?

You are home to an ever growing humanity. So why have you been so harsh on me? Guess we have a long road to travel together and make a home, guess we have more things in me and you to discover.

You brought so many changes to my life and made me miss many good old days. But these days as I spend with you would also be gone one day; one day we will grow old; unable to chase you more.

Would you still remember me and accept my friendship?

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