Life outside CPU… worth a try! It is so big and vibrant! Its endless. Everyday is different and comes with new persons and characters. Everyday brings a new story in its own theater where I occupy a balcony seat and watch it! What was the cost of that seat? It was free! All I had to do... Continue Reading →

Love a-fair

It started in childhood and continues. ‘Mela’ or a fair, brings with it thousands of memories which until remembered, I never realized I still have. Almost all the festivities in Agartala had a small or a big ‘mela’ associated. Those were what made rituals festivals! Be it Durga Puja or Maha Shiv raatri or Kharchi... Continue Reading →

Fallen Consciousness

I don’t know the definition of being right winged or left winged; I only understand being reasonable and logical. To this I have always taken pride on myself. But to err is human. It was 2008 & the world was shattered from the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Terrorism is sinful in every manner and it took... Continue Reading →

Nanna Bengaluru

It’s been more than a year but we are yet to become friends. You came to my life so suddenly that my acceptance for you still seems to be at quite a length. There are so many things great about you and yet I find myself swimming in emptiness. You are vast and endless. I... Continue Reading →

Faces of the Social Outcasts

There are 2 sides to every coin; one of the morals we all have heard growing up. Not long back, life put me in situations where I got to live through this philosophy. An optimist as I am, in no way do I want to leave the readers with a sad impression lingering over. So I... Continue Reading →

The Kurukshetra of 2019

11th April 2019, the stage is set and it has started. Today is the 1st day of Lok Sabha polls of India. With everything that has happened since 2014 and the way the chapters of the past from 1947 till date have unfolded, this stage doesn’t look to me any different than the battle field... Continue Reading →


  Trees, they don't see, they don't hear They don't know and may be they don’t fear. As a kid I read somewhere They are the best that are there. With no happiness, they don’t grief Having no remorse they don’t feel. But as leaves fall from the trees, They spark life and many memories.... Continue Reading →

Hello Maa

It’s been long but today I want to tell you a short story; about a girl, just like any other. She grew up being a ‘father’s daughter’. And why shouldn’t she be? Father was the one dealing with the world, treating patients, earning for the family, making the hard decisions, disciplining the children. There were... Continue Reading →

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